How To Choose The Right Wedding Headpiece?

Article title: How to choose the right wedding headpiece?



Without a doubt the internet has thousands of headpieces to choose from and finding the right wedding headpiece for you to wear can be a struggle and at times stressful. Wedding headpieces are an essential touch to a bridal outfit. You will want to choose a piece that reflects your personality and also one that will not only flatters your face but your wedding dress too. Choosing your dream headpiece and matching it perfectly with your dress is quite important, and that's why you need options.

At Brides by Emilia Milan, all of our pieces are beautifully handcrafted in Mexico by artisans that possess decades of experience and ensure that each product is made with love and care. 


Your Headpiece

As stated above, your headpiece should reflect your personality and it should flatter your face and gown. There are many different styles to choose from, but there is only one that is going to satisfy you and make your dreams come true. Below are a few of the different headpiece styles you can learn more about if you’re not sure on what piece you should choose to match your personality and your wedding dress.


Wedding Headpieces

Azahares (Orange Blossoms) are symbolic of eternal love and fidelity and are the main feature in each of our wedding headpieces in this romantic collection.

While a headpiece can be simple or complex, it is one of the main pieces of a bride's appearance that guests will see as she walks down the aisle, so it is important to make certain that you love and feel comfortable with what you wear on your wedding day. Our headpieces sit on the back of the head and are easily secured with bobby pins. You can wear a veil below the headpiece if you’re looking for a more traditional look, but these headpieces are an elegant show piece on their own. These pieces are light and flexible and are designed to elevate the look of your dreams and make you feel beautiful on your wedding day.


Bridal Hair Vines

Bridal hair vines are light and flexible and will fit any hairstyle you choose for your wedding day!

A bridal hair vine can be worn as a band, or to help accentuate the bride's hairstyle and bring a little bit of flirtiness and elegance to her overall look. Fashioned out of brass, with added fantasy pearls and diamonds, a hair vine will give you a unique look that can be used for a variety of hairstyles, proving its versatility as a headpiece. A hair vine is an extremely versatile piece that can be used in a subtle or grand manner to showcase your overall beauty. Hair Vines are great for when you don't want anything too big but still want to make a statement on your big day.


Wedding Crowns

Majestic and exquisite, become a princess in your very own fairy tale with a beautiful wedding crown.

A crown is a statement piece that is ideal for a bride looking for a princess style. Our crowns are both elegant and sturdy and will stay securely in place for as long as you need them to. Fashioned out of brass and fantasy gemstones in various colorings to match your regal style, our crowns will bring your fairy tale wedding to life and make you the star of the day. Each crown we create is unique and will make your special day even better and will provide a treasured memory for years to come.


Wedding Headbands

Wearing a wedding headband for your wedding day is fashion-forward and it is the ideal headpiece for the modern and adventurous bride. Our stunning wedding headbands boldly reflect refinement and grace and are an elevated alternative to a bridal veil.

To give your wedding a slightly more modern touch, a headband is simple, elegant, and it will definitely make you stand out. If you want all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle but want a headpiece that is not too big or heavy, this is the perfect piece for you. A wedding headband is the perfect piece to look refined in one of the most relaxed ways possible. Our headbands will make you look elegant, feel luxurious and beautiful in a very comfortable and simple way.



The journey towards your wedding day since you get engaged is not easy and sometimes can be hectic as you look for all the accessories to achieve your dream look. Without a doubt the internet has thousands of headpieces to choose from and finding the right wedding headpiece for you to wear can be a struggle and at times stressful. Whether you have an idea of what type of headpiece you want to wear or you are still learning about the different types of wedding headpieces there are out there, Brides by Emilia Milan is here to help you.

Our goal is to please you, the bride, and show you the many options we have available and help a bit with the stress of choosing the right wedding headpiece. Let us help you make your dream look a reality.

If you are looking for something handcrafted and unique and you want a team that can answer all your questions, you have found the right place. Brides by Emilia Milan was founded by a husband and wife who are familiar with the rush of planning a wedding. Having shared our own special day together, we would like to utilize our expertise to assist you and ease the stress of finding the perfect wedding headpiece to complement your gown for your dream wedding. We are ready and always willing to help you!

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