Moissanite versus Diamond: Why moissanite is better

Moissanite was discovered in the year 1893 in rock samples collected from a crater created by a meteorite in the state of Arizona. This discovery is credited to French scientist and Nobel prize winner Henri Moissan. He thought that the Moissanite mineral he found in the crater was diamond. He only realized he was mistaken after conducting some lab tests on it that he noticed it had a different chemical composition from a diamond. Both moissanite and diamond are very similar in appearance, and if you place them side by side, it is very hard to distinguish which is which by looking at them with your naked eye. It is almost only possible to tell the difference with a lab test or a highly trained eye of an expert.

Most people can be fooled by these gemstones because of their highly similar appearance, and with the naked eye it is very hard to tell them apart. Although, these precious stones are similar, they are different in their chemical composition, functions, and properties. Let's have a look, shall we?

Here are 6 reasons why Moissanite is better than Diamond.


Everybody knows that there is nothing natural that is tougher than a diamond. The diamond holds the record for the hardest naturally occurring mineral in the world. In comparison, moissanite is not too far behind; it is the second hardest mineral and unquestionable, resistant to wear and tear. This means you do not have to worry about getting a scratch on your moissanite piece anytime soon.

mohs scale of hardness graphic


Moissanite exhibits a beautiful rainbow-like light reflection in the sun. This phenomenon of a mineral having the ability to reflect light is known as its Brilliance.

This is the secret behind that eye-catching razzle-dazzle appearance that easily makes it a favorite against the diamond, which is duller in comparison. The combination of the two properties of light dispersion and bending of light is what gives it that sparkling quality. Moissanite in comparison to diamond, reflects more light, making it the most brilliant jewel in the world!

Brilliance chart


Moissanite usually has the same shade of color as diamond. However, it can come in different shades of other colors ranging from gray, green, brown, blue, yellow to even a shade of gold.

Moissanite also has a higher fire dispersion level than diamond which makes it able to refract light into the seven colors, making it appear like a rainbow. I know what you are thinking, fire? Well, it does not spit fire or anything, but wouldn't it be cool if it did? It is only a term to describe the dispersion of light, which makes it have that firey appearance.


As stated earlier, the first moissanite was discovered in 1893. Since then, only a small quantity of natural moissanite crystals have been found in tiny deposits of about 1.5 mm or less around the world. Israel is the country that has a record for the largest number of deposits of this mineral, although this is minuscule compared to the availability of diamonds in nature.

Moissanite is composed of Silicon carbide (SiC) and diamond is composed of pure carbon (C). After decades of research, only a few companies in the world are capable of growing moissanite crystals today. Still, the manufacturing process is complex and lengthy.


Taking the fact that Moissanite is rarer than diamond into account, its brilliance, and its complex manufacturing process, you may be thinking it will cost you an arm and a leg to get one of these, right? However, it is quite the opposite and is significantly less expensive than the diamond's mammoth-sized price tag. 

This is one of the biggest advantages of this jewel over the diamond. That is why many people are now flocking to engagement rings made of moissanite rather than diamond because of its economic benefits while being as beautiful as the diamond. In fact, moissanite is around 90% less expensive than a diamond of the equivalent quality.


The diamond mining process is quite long and difficult. In addition to its rareness, the diamond is usually located deep in the earth's crust and therefore requires heavy artillery and machinery to excavate it. This makes it very expensive and labor-intensive and destroys the environment. This is because of the carbon produced by the machines and the gases produced from the earth's core which affect the ozone layer contributing to global warming.                                                                                                                                                     

On the other hand, moissanite is eco-friendly. This is because it is made in the lab, eliminating the carbon footprint element produced by mining diamonds. This reduces pollution in the ecosystem and is what makes it preferable to diamonds. Moissanite is also conflict-free with a guaranteed of origin.

Nowadays, many consumers are looking for jewelry that is eco-friendly and moissanite has become the preferred stone more and more people are choosing over diamond.


By now, you are familiar with what all the fuss is about Moissanite. It is considered one of the best price-friendly alternatives to a diamond, for it is a lab-created gemstone which is just as beautiful as a diamond, and it is almost indistinguishable by the human eye. It is perfect for engagement and wedding rings because of its brilliance and fire dispersion qualities. It is also light on the finger, for it is known to be 15% lighter compared to the diamond.

Moreover, moissanite is just behind diamond in hardness, but it’s as durable. Another bonus for the moissanite is that you can get a larger ring without worrying about going bankrupt, unlike the diamond.


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So far, moissanite has been topping the charts in comparison to diamonds. We have seen it as more economical, beautiful, multi-colored, rarer, and has more brilliance than a diamond. Although it is not readily found in most jewelry stores, I highly recommend this trusted online boutique, What are you still waiting for? Click on the link and get yourself and your loved one a world-class piece of jewelry at a throwaway price.

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