Moissanite vs. Diamond: Why Moissanite is the Superior Choice

Moissanite vs. Diamond: Why Moissanite is the Superior Choice

The Discovery and Origins of Moissanite

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 by French scientist and Nobel laureate Henri Moissan in rock samples from a meteorite crater in Arizona. Initially mistaken for diamond, it was only after rigorous testing that Moissan realized this mineral had a different chemical composition. Despite their similar appearance, moissanite and diamonds differ significantly in their properties and composition. Let’s explore why moissanite is an outstanding alternative to natural diamonds.

Six Reasons Moissanite Outshines Diamonds

1. Durability

Diamonds are renowned for their unparalleled hardness, holding the title of the hardest naturally occurring mineral. However, moissanite closely follows as the second hardest mineral, demonstrating remarkable resistance to wear and tear. This means that moissanite is highly durable and unlikely to scratch, making it a practical choice for everyday jewelry.

2. Brilliance

Moissanite is celebrated for its exceptional brilliance, reflecting a stunning rainbow-like spectrum of light. This property, known as brilliance, makes moissanite sparkle more intensely than diamonds, which have a comparatively duller appearance. The combination of high light dispersion and refractive index gives moissanite its dazzling, eye-catching quality, making it the most brilliant jewel in the world.

3. Color Variations

While moissanite typically shares the same colorless appearance as diamonds, it is available in a range of hues, including gray, green, brown, blue, yellow, and gold. Moissanite also exhibits a higher fire dispersion than diamonds, refracting light into a spectrum of colors and creating a vibrant, fiery appearance. This characteristic enhances its allure, offering a more dynamic and colorful display than diamonds.

4. Rarity

Since its discovery, natural moissanite has been found in only small quantities, with crystals typically measuring around 1.5 mm or less. Israel holds the record for the largest deposits of this mineral, though these are minuscule compared to the natural abundance of diamonds. Composed of silicon carbide (SiC), moissanite is rarer than diamonds, which are made of pure carbon (C). Despite its rarity, advances in technology have enabled a few companies to grow moissanite crystals in laboratories, though the process remains complex and time-consuming.

5. Affordability

Considering moissanite’s rarity, brilliance, and intricate manufacturing process, one might expect it to be exorbitantly priced. However, moissanite is significantly more affordable than diamonds, costing approximately 90% less for equivalent quality. This makes moissanite a highly attractive option for those seeking beautiful, high-quality jewelry without the hefty price tag of diamonds. This cost-effectiveness is a major reason why many people are opting for moissanite over diamonds.

6. Eco-Friendliness and Ethical Considerations

The diamond mining process is labor-intensive, environmentally destructive, and often linked to unethical practices. Mining diamonds requires heavy machinery and results in significant carbon emissions and ecological disruption. In contrast, moissanite is eco-friendly and conflict-free, as it is lab-created, eliminating the negative environmental and social impacts associated with diamond mining. This makes moissanite a preferred choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable and ethically sourced jewelry.


Moissanite stands out as a superior alternative to diamonds, offering greater brilliance, affordability, and ethical advantages. Its remarkable durability, diverse color options, and eco-friendly nature make it a compelling choice for jewelry lovers. Although not as readily available in traditional jewelry stores, moissanite can be easily purchased online.

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