Collection: Azahares Vintage Set

A look into the past to give blessings to the present

A new collection by Brides by Emilia Milan, the Vintage sets are a chic blend of modern and vintage, this collection reflects the present-day bride embracing the charming elegance of the past for an enchanting, sophisticated style. Made over 30 years ago by the hands of experienced Mexican Artisans, it is a symbol of passing on their wisdom and blessing to the bride on their most special day.

This gorgeous set includes a cascading bouquet made of flowers in various sizes, an ornamental floral headpiece, a bridal lasso, and a matching boutonnière. The flowers are made from cold porcelain clay, latex and special paper, with Azahares (Orange Blossoms) made of wax and leaves made from laminated fabric.

As supply of these one-of-a-kind sets are limited, we only have one of each Vintage Set. This is your chance to partake in a tradition that has been passed down for generations.